17 May 2018

KingCast Presents: Pepper S. Patton the Military Dog!

Yeah I definitely see Pepper as resembling George S. Patton here. The deadpan countenance and calm resolve. Spotting Luftwaffa from 7 miles away she smells the gunpowder from the turrets. Very helpful. I feel much safer!

KingCast Says "Happy 80th Birthday Cecil King!" -- The O.G. KingCaster.

Five years ago.....

Years from now anthropologists will realize that Meghan Merkle 
and Cydney Rose were never seen in the same place at the same time....

Tracing 80 Years of Cecil King, My Idol and the Original KingCaster

Cecil King grew up in a double-wide shotgun shack in rural Tennessee.

He retired to live the rest of his American Dream off the 5th green of a World-class golf course.

Along the way he remained a Pioneer who fathered three children who have opportunities to pioneer things he could barely even dream about back then.

But dream he did.

He walked the streets of Little Italy in the 1950’s before it was imaginable for black men to do so.

He moved his family to Cleveland suburbs in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

He learned the game of tennis before it was fashionable for black folks to be learning such things.

We played chess and cribbage – games of the mind – while most children were playing checkers.

He worked through the perils and built-in headwinds of unlawful discrimination throughout all of this time to retire as Diamond Shamrock’s first black certified chemist.

I watched my idol over the years as the basketballs changed to tennis balls
and the tennis balls changed to golf balls.

The one thing that stayed with me about my father is his unabated lust for life 
and his dogged determination in all things.

In basketball I will never forget his outside accuracy and hustle.

In tennis I will never forget our epic battles. I had to be at my best to beat the man who came to be known as “The Human Backboard.”

Playing cards I will never forget his gleeful grins as he threw down trump with a satisfying WHAP! 

Of course I’ll also never forget the time Patrick Joyce and I got caught throwing 
rocks at cars and how my World quickly went horizontal!

But overall what I love about my Dad is that he is a testament to the Indomitable Spirit, and that Spirit imbues me with drive to work through the headwinds of convention and discrimination as I prepare to launch my first TV show next month.  

My alter ego is “KingCast” because I project unto the World my vision of fairness 
and what is right and wrong with our World today.

But many years ago, in a World without Internet or cable television, there was a man who projected 
the beauty of his Sprit unto the World.

And that event has made all the difference in my life.

Happy Birthday Cecil King. I love you man!

16 May 2018

KingCast Sees Geico Insurance Overpay Ayers Collision on a Car That Clearly Should Have Been Totaled.

There's no need for much of a description here. Just watch the movie. Geico paid out $14,500.00 on a $16,000.00 car... and the repairs weren't even done properly. The repair center also claimed that the titled owner of the car said to deal only with him. This is not exactly true. The couple tried having him call a few times to get somewhere being a man and all, but he's pissed off too.

I referred them to the LBC -- No, not Snoop Dogg's LBC but to Learned Boston Counsel for prosecution of a 93-A lawsuit and whatever else is necessary to effectuate Justice.

I've owned 30 cars, a couple of which were totaled, and I've settled car collision cases for clients. Never seen anything this crazy in my life.

And the fact that a State Rep (Bruce Ayers) has an interest in a business run from the same address doesn't help the situation. He makes conversion vans for handicap access.


PS: The Toyota part was not installed initially. They had used an aftermarket part until she called them on it but they were paid to install a Toyota part because it's a fairly new car.

Update this just in: The insurance company won’t talk to me even with Anthony’s permission. It’s because they’re intimidated by me because they knew I broke it down piece by piece and he had no response at all. So he had told Anthony he will not take any calls from me or any questions for me only if you can call. So on Thursdays he gets out early in on Friday he has the whole day off. But normally Thursdays and Fridays he gets home by 3 o’clock or 330. The rest of the week he’s gone from 6 AM until 11 PM.

KingCast Goes Getty!

KingCast + Getty Images by and through iamonlocation.com. Because media empires don't get built overnight. Four of my clips strung together from the Seattle "Amazon" Head Tax were purchased yesterday.

14 May 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See MERS and U.S. Bank et al. Continue to Screw Seattle Area Vietnam Veteran and Father on a Predatory Loan and Foreclosure.

Read an email I sent out to Department of Financial Institutions and others 
below the bottom video. We all know major press won't touch this
so I am taking to my own cable TV show. To hell with them.

Note: All videos are posted here.
Predatory lending and dishonest banking and mortgage industry have conspired to ruin Michael Levitz' life:  Many years ago his wife signed a predatory Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and a huge balloon payment. How do I know this?  Because I was a closing attorney fifteen (15) years ago when these sleazy products were being sold. All kinds of products that allowed everyone to buy a home but no one to actually own one.  Even people who did nothing with their homes were harmed because of the diminishing equity they faced; it was complete cyclical destruction of the middle class. See S&L scandal of the 1980's and Enron of the 1990's. Saul Alinsky will tell you all about that. 

But I digress. Knowing he was about to get jammed up he structured a sale of a portion of his mountain view/lake view property several years ago and was in escrow when the purported lending institution -- Chevy Chase Bank -- disappeared. It was being merged. So instead of being able to pay off the mortgage he went into limbo and they went into hate mode, tacking on usurious fees and penalties, dual tracking him while he was in mediation, and putting on force-placed insurance, whatever bad they could do to this guy, they did it.

So I started making movies about his situation and contacting Washington State authorities including the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Financial Institutions who have had feet of clay for some time now, even though the AG had previously argued that MERS wrecks a Chain of Title and the DFI has already ruled that MERS is a False and Deceptive business practice when cited as being a Beneficiary.

Well then I got him a lawyer -- two of them to be precise. They filed a Chapter 11 in Federal Court. The only debt this guy really has is this stupid mortgage albatross.

They were in settlement mode when the banksters filed a malicious Motion to Dismiss the Adversary Complaint, basically arguing that the Quit Claim Deed to the property and his Power of Attorney from his estranged wife is not good enough for him to proceed, and that it's OK for MERS to be a Beneficiary -- no harm no foul -- regardless of what the Law technically says. 


Stay tuned folks and watch the video on top and do your own Google searches for Michael and me. I'm taking this one to my TV show on Roku in June. Watch for "Corruption Meets Camera."

Meanwhile many of us who joined with Marie McDonnell 3 years ago after her King County/MERS audit will be at City Hall tomorrow as the city continues to grapple with its homeless issue and corporate taxation, i.e. "the Amazon Tax."  Query, where in the hell were they 3 years ago when they refused to sue MERS as they had done in Multnomah and other Oregon Counties and settled for millions.  Seattle took taxpayer money and paid Ms. McDonnell to do a report, she did a report and encouraged litigation, then the only City Council with the chutzpah to agree to let her present was Nick Licata. 

We had to hold our own Mortgage Economic Reality Summit because Seattle City Council were too scared to sue MERS... and this includes Kshama Sawant. I say this because back when I was making free campaign movies for her she was big into the fight against these banks and actually got arrested. Since then, nothing from her on MERS. Anyway, read this and watch this:


MERS to Quality = No Standing to Foreclose. And Mike Wileman is a robo signer to boot. Read the documents.
January 09, 2018 at 5:53 AM
Great Morning folks.

MERS cannot appoint a Successor Trustee. It’s that simple. Quality has no Standing and there is no Real Party in Interest Manifest.

In this case the Assignment is void ab initio because it is all about the entity of MERS, rather than identity of the individual robo-signer, which would render the Assignment merely voidable. Therefore Mr. Levitz may correctly challenge under Yvanova v. New Century 365 P.3d 845 (2016). 

How can MERS Assign that which it does not own?
And again this Series is not even registered with the SEC
When did Mike Wileman work for MERS? 
He worked for Orion Financial Group 2001-2017.
CitiMortgage Settled foreclosure Fraud Cases involving Orion documents. Lynn Szymoniak sued Orion as well, on her way to her $18M Settlement. Orion might not have been flagged, but they are dirty too. 

MERS made QLSC Trustee but MERS cannot do this.
And the underlying Trust is not registered with the SEC.


13 May 2018

KingCast Says "Happy Mother's Day Mommy.... You're Still the Best!"

Momma even though we can't talk about it anymore
And even though you can't watch my videos anymore
I know you know that I love you as much today 
as I did when we took our first car ride
or when you packed me my first lunch for day school
or when you always made Cecil get me the bike I wanted
or when we used to sit up and read the paper
or talk about my law studies or cases
or when you told me to start a blog before I even knew what a blog was.

Or when........ 

My TV show, coming this summer is dedicated to you.
Corruption Meets Camera.

I Love You.