15 January 2018

KingCast and Kegler Brown's Luis Alcalde Esq. Reflect on MLK Day, Black History Month.

KingCast, Luis Alcalde Esq. Reflect on MLK Day, Black History Month. I take you backwards and forwards over the past 60 years of the Civil Rights movement and 35 of mine to verify that yes indeed, Progress is indeed occurring in Civil Rights... Sort of. 

Starring Yours Truly as "The Johnny Cochran of Columbus."

Co-Starring Minister Donell Muhammad, Jerry L. Doyle (RIP the Columbus legal infrastructure basically murdered him, they are truly evil there), Judge Michael______?, and very nice white lady lawyer Prosecutor (I have babysat her child many years ago) and several rude, ill-mannered and evil white male lawyers. Luis Alcalde is one such man, taking a cheap shot at me in a back hallway one evening after a long Deposition. He is absolutely correct on Cuba/U.S. relations but he's as wrong as could be when it comes to putting his grubby little hands on me for sure.

I believe his firm was repping the scummy Columbus Public School District (remember the Gene Harris "No Confidence" vote LOL) I'm not even sure he was part of the direct Defense team but they hated me because I represented Jerry Doyle and never lost a case with him, including the trial you see here. 

The School Board has false-arrested him for trespassing in this one. I have waited patiently for twenty (20) years to expose this creep in the appropriate Civil Rights context and dare him to a public polygraph test on it. I took both hands to the chest from this guy. That is part of what I bring to a modern-day discussion on racism, class relations, legal and cultural hegemony. 

Are there good corporate defense lawyers in Columbus, Ohio? Sure. John M. Stephen (think: Darrin, Bewitched) is one. He defended Airtouch/Cellular One after they actually made my client Gregory S. Boatwright get back on the phone with someone who called him a nigger. True. I should have included that case in the movie, maybe next time. It was contentious but cordial 24/7 and Gregory and I both thanked him for not being an asshole like some of my opposing Counsel in that little hell hole they call a city.

KingCast: Folks are gonna learn to keep their hands off my equipment and me, right. Jesus Christ on a Bicycle folks. The Beatles/George Harrison, Public Enemy and the Cranberries make musical appearances to carry the Day.  I've got a mouth, I've got the First Amendment and I'm gonna tell it, folks. And my wingspan is about to increase exponentially.

Think about that the next time you go and fuck with someone because you've got more power than them at the moment. It might come back to bite you in the ass. 

I actually have vintage footage of me winning a First Amendment Trial, right. 
Gotta love it.

For updates on this situation and more you can also catch me next week
with my brothers Lance and Time right here.

KingCast and Kegler Brown's Luis Alcalde Esq. Reflect on MLK Day, Black History Month.

KingCast, Luis Alcalde Esq. Reflect on MLK Day, Black History Month. I take you backwards and forwards over the past 60 years of the Civil Rights movement and 35 of mine to verify that yes indeed, Progress is indeed occurring in Civil Rights... Sort of.  (duplicate post - the real one is here).

12 January 2018

KingCast Says Darrell Jones Will be Home on Martin Luther King Day.

The Summary Video.

We all know that Darrell Jones was wrongfully imprisoned for thirty-two (32) years because of racism and prosecutorial misconduct. I personally know a Brockton area criminal defense attorney who will swear that he is shocked that the case even made it past the DA's Office. 
Now it is time to again share with the World more about Darrell Jones (pictured, left, courtesy WBUR radio) and his legacy as a progressive force for social and legal reform, including but not limited to prison reform and inmate education "Voices Behind the Walls" and his award-winning project to honor families of the fallen, "What is Beautiful Never Dies." That video is directly below. Soundtracks may be enjoyed at datpiff.
What Is Beautiful Never Dies from ScenicRoots on Vimeo.

WGBH video newscast 2 Jan 2018.

Segments of WBZ aired 1 Jan 2018 with our phone conversation. Pending review.

CBS/WBZ aired 1 Jan 2018.

WBUR aired 2 Jan 2018

Shoreline Community classroom teaser with Tony Doupé.

Prosecutor runs from Eyeball Witness Testimony

Commonwealth Expert takes a powder, fails to appear at Trial!

Classroom discussion + Darrell Jones Expert Testimony: Crash Edit Proved.

Darrell Jones and Yours Truly, talking:

Darrell and KingCast 1.

Darrell and KingCast 2.
Darrell and KingCast 3.

09 January 2018

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Update on Vietnam Veteran Michael Levitz: MERS to Quality/QLSC = No Standing to Foreclose. And Mike Wileman is a robo signer to boot.

17 January 2018 -- Going forward Attorney Anderson will not be copied on this matter as he has made his position clear in a 16 January 2018 letter I have shared with the Department of Commerce: There was an Agreement for Mr. Levitz to sell a parcel of his land. Attorney Anderson and Mr. Levitz and I have amicably resolved our differences relative to any disputes that were referenced in any of my written or video production. We all recognize the none of us are the enemy. We definitely know who the enemies are, however.

Rocky, where is that letter you promised with the Trustee "investigation"
into the myriad issues I raised last week that precipitated the foreclosure postponements?
New video coming tonight, 1 January 2018

Behold the original DoT, above. More on this later, with case law.
Some of that law is referenced in the video.

Everyone is blocking my emails, LOL. You can run but you can't hide.
And you wind up back here reading the journal entry anyway.

Stay tuned for a new movie tonight:
"Seattle Attorneys coddle bloodsucker banks in Vietnam Vet Foreclosure."

Wow we've got a lot going on today with Michael Levitz' Fraudulent MERS/Libor/U.S. Bank foreclosure case. Let's start with the law, then at the end you will see that Ark Legal didn't do jack shit for this man. It was my Complaint to the AG's office that precipitated the postponement of sale. Turns out I missed an email from Rocky McDonald.  

The Law and the documents: Great Morning folks. MERS cannot appoint a Successor Trustee. It’s that simple. Quality has no Standing and there is no Real Party in Interest Manifest. In this case the Assignment is void ab initio because it is all about the entity of MERS, rather than identity of the individual robo-signer, which would render the Assignment merely voidable. Therefore Mr. Levitz may correctly challenge under Yvanova v. New Century 365 P.3d 845 (2016).

How can MERS Assign that which it does not own? And again this Series is not even registered with the SEC When did Mike Wileman work for MERS? He worked for Orion Financial Group 2001-2017. CitiMortgage settled foreclosure Fraud Cases involving Orion documents. Lynn Szymoniak sued Orion as well, on her way to her $18M Settlement. Orion might not have been flagged, but they are dirty too. 

MERS made QLSC Trustee but MERS cannot do this. And the underlying Trust is not registered with the SEC. SMH. 

Lastly, for another recent case involving U.S. Bank and Wrongful Foreclosure and bogus documents: US. Bank v. Mattos 140 Hawaii 26 (June 6, 2017):
With respect to the first issue on certiorari, because it is unclear what Defendants mean by “robo-signing” and because a ruling on the legal effect of “robo-signing” is not necessary to the determination of this case, we set aside the ICA's holding that conclusory assertions that fail to offer factual allegations or a legal theory indicating how alleged **618 *29 “robo-signing” caused harm to a mortgagee are insufficient to establish a defense in a foreclosure action. 
Addressing the factual allegations underlying the “robo-signing” claim, however, we conclude there is a genuine issue of material fact as to whether Ocwen had the authority to sign the second assignment of mortgage to U.S. Bank. [KingCast says yah, just like with MERS....and Mike Wileman. Knock it off, guys the jig is up, the game is over.] 
With respect to the second issue on certiorari, we affirm the ICA in part. We adopt the majority rule followed by the ICA in U.S. Bank Nat. Ass'n v. Salvacion, 134 Hawai‘i 170, 338 P.3d 1185 (App. 2014) and hold that a third party unrelated to a mortgage securitization pooling and servicing agreement lacks standing to enforce an alleged violation of its terms unless the violation renders the mortgage assignment void, rather than voidable, but we limit the holding to the judicial foreclosure context. [Too bad for QLSC that this case involves a Void Assignment, see above] 
Accordingly, we vacate the ICA's March 9, 2016 Judgment on Appeal, as well as the circuit court's August 26, 2014 Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment and Decree of Foreclosure Against All Defendants on Complaint Filed July 21, 2011, and remand this case to the circuit court.
Lastly, there is no explanation for the lack of any explanation as to why a NPV analysis was not conducted in his state-sponsored Mediation under the Fairness in Foreclosure Statute. I know because I've represented homeowners in these. When you walk out of that  door you had better have something sketched out in writing or you're fucked. Who actually trusts a goddamn bank or mortgage company as to what they say they are going to do? 

In this case Mr. Levitz claims there was supposed to be a sale at a negotiated price based on the fact that he could not find a Lender when he tried to pay off his loan in 2009. But instead he claims that they unlawfully dual-tracked him down the road to foreclosure. He was represented by Counsel.  I have inquired of said Counsel as to how and why this could happen. Frankly, I don't give a shit about anybody's feelings here except for those of Mr. Levitz and his family.

Background on the postponement and the punk-assed lawyers at Ark: 

Re: Attorney General Complaint: Levitz | WA-15-688500-SW | Michael Levitz Settlement SLS Account No. 1009602497 
2 hours ago at 2:54 AM 
From Christopher King 
To Robert McDonald 

Dear Rocky: No, I obviously DID NOT see your email from 3 Jan 2018 (seen below) noting the postponement to 9 March 2018 after I had cc'd you on an email Citizen Complaint to the Attorney General's Office on 30 December 2017. I wish I had, then there would have been no need for me to find Ark at the 11th hour and we can all certainly use less acrimony in our Lives. 

There would have been no need for me to document the plight of Mr. Levitz and his family on 5 Jan 2018 in this video.
I did recently see however how Ark Legal is using our correspondence as some sort of Justification for defaulting on its due diligence with respect to Mr. Levitz. I suppose it is a Good Thing they refunded his money because they certainly haven't done anything for him. It seems the triggering event in this postponement was the AG Complaint and nothing that they did. 

Further, I take vehement issue with the musings of Attorney Song as she states: 
"At Ark Law Group, we always strive to be professional in our relationship and communications with our opposing parties to best serve our clients. At this time, we feel that Christopher's communications have put us in a position where we can't advocate for you in the way we believe is best. We will be closing your file today - we recommend you ask Christopher to stop what he's doing as we believe it's hurting your interests in getting the Trustee to work with you." 
 ........ First of all, my communications with the Trustee have zero to do with their representation of Mr. Levitz. If they had desired me to back off as a consumer advocate while Quality commenced active and legitimate settlement negotiations for a change, then of course I would have done so. I've been around dozens of these types of cases either settling mortgages in HAMP negotiations or reporting on them. 

 ...... Second, it is fairly obvious that the Trustee was not trying to work with Mr. Levitz in the first place. By all appearances they were headed straight for foreclosure despite all of the Chain of Title Defects in this case, until I sent the AG Complaint. As such, I have not "hurt" Mr. Levitz' interests at all. 

 .......Lastly, her concern over my deportment given that of Joe McIntosh's Deportment toward me as previously shared.....is ludicrous. 

Be that as it may, I am awaiting an Affidavit from Mr. Levitz regarding the activities at the 2016 Foreclosure Fairness Mediation Conference, where it appears to me that the Law was not followed. He will be adding this to the AG Complaint and again imploring the Trustee and Servicer to trash all of those ridiculous fines, fees and surcharges and to accept a reasonable, stated amount for sale of the main parcel as I understand it. That will zero everything out and terminate this entire thing. 

He should not have to go retain a lawyer to do this but I will continue to seek Counsel for him nonetheless. I've never failed in such an endeavor. I am not about to this time, either. That man has become a brother to me and his son, a nephew. And their puppy a friend of my puppy's. His son is going to fly drones for my videos and teach me how to do it. We're family now. As you know this is not the proverbial deadbeat homeowner guy trying to get a free house. Remember, he tried to PAY OFF the house in the first place but no Lender could be found!

30 December 2017

KingCast State of the Union Address, December 2017: Livi, Rob, Battle of the Sexes and Darrell Jones......

Smiles were tough to come by yesterday on the Anniversary of Livi and Rob's death. Alex's Rob passed on from natural causes and of course we know that Livi did not. So Michele and I do anticipate more smiles tonight at Seamonster's Prince tribute and there were a few last night at Crest Theatre's Battle of the Sexes. 

It was a great movie. I remember it as a young child, 8 years old not long before I started playing tennis. It was a really Big Deal folks for those of you have no clue. It was a pivotal time in the World and in America as I was learning about Watergate, Vietnam, Civil Rights, Women's Rights, yes indeed the Whole 9.

The tennis as depicted, and the hues chosen were period correct, although on one occasion the gleaming skyscrapers seen outside the hotel room couldn't possibly have existed in '73 but whatevs. Also there were color quotes thrown in from 1973 including George Forman (he picked Billie Jean to win) and Ricardo Montalban, who did not. And yah, Elisabeth Shue, Emma Stone and a gaggle of other gorgeous women in cool roles was also a plus.
At lunch with Darrell Jones' family almost a year ago.
After that hearing, we knew it was a matter of time.
I have it on video. No one else does. Wait for it.

And oh, there continue to be smiles for the return of Darrell Jones, a victim of wrongful prosecution and racism thirty (30) years ago. That's so long ago that it's about when I last had an effective tennis game LOL.

Now what's funny about all of this is that I know a guy who wrote a Bobby Riggs bio, "Last Sure Thing." Tom LeCompte is a tennis instructor and author who took time to demolish me 6-3 6-2 (it wasn't even that close) before he went up to Franconia to work on a case I was investigating but Ira Glass and This American Life deemed it too risqué so they shut it down. This will happen. 

Anyway as to the epic 1973 match thrown or not (bookie allegations, I tend to doubt it), who knows. It put women on the map. It put tennis on the map, and it got America and the World, talking.  I need to put a camera up on Tom and me again next time I'm in Boston -- I lost our footage from 2008 -- and you can see the tennis hierarchy in effect. He's good. Real good.

I have below posted a ton of related videos. The sad thing is, you can't find any decent footage of the actual event. The last real challenge was Martina v. Jimmy and he won that despite giving up a first serve and part of the double alley. To her credit she didn't use it that often though. JC d. MN 7-5, 6-2. He was 40 and she was 35.

28 December 2017

KingCast Says on Ford F650 and 750 Recall Notice: "The Next Time You See a New Ford F650 on the Highway, You Better Duck!"

Next Big Case. You know about Darrell Jones coming out of prison after 30 years of wrongful imprisonment from racism and a tainted prosecution. I run his blog. More on this is coming in 2018 along with another project I don't publicly discuss. 

But back to today: I am working on a whistleblower case for the man who tried to expose a related dangerous instrumentality to this one. The difference is, I am told that the front axles are manufactured by a reputable company and when they discovered the dangerous defect they immediately went to Ford and things got addressed and corrected. Such was not the case with the rear axles and tires. I am told that those could be a ticking time bomb.

More I will not say at this time. First I am going to get him Counsel. Then I am going to be doing some reporting. The law firm defending is run by an old law school friend of mine. I don't care. I will pull no punches. 

It was only 77 trucks in this case but guess what? How many trucks could be involved in the silent case? It only takes one bullet. Who wants to get run over by a 10,000 pound truck? I'll pass on that. And there are more issues and more trucks out there that Ford is not fully aware of. They will soon be aware of them. Believe me. 

Ford Motor Company is recalling its Heavy Trucks – the F-650 and F-750 – over an issue with the steer axles that could result in a loss of steering control. 

The defect: the castellated nut on the steer axles may not be properly torqued, allowing the tie rod to loosen. The hazards: if the tie rod loosens, it may disconnect from the steering knuckle, causing a loss of steering control at lower speed and increasing the risk of a crash. 

Affected vehicles: 2015 Ford F-650 equipped with certain Spicer D-Series and E-Series steer axles 2016 Ford F-750 equipped with certain Spicer D-Series and E-Series steer axles Number of vehicles affected: 77 (United States figure). 

The fix: Ford will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the torque of the castellated nut and tie rod, tightening it as necessary, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin November 20th, 2017.

All I will say in this space is that the other problems are similar in nature.

They tried to say he threatened people after he unionized. I know a bit about employee threats as valid or invalid. See Watling v. Kroger, Ohio 10th Dist. Ct. App No. 94APE-05 718 (1994), a case I won against a threatening employee when I was an AAG.

25 December 2017

Bah, Humbug! KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Grinch Quality Loan Servicing Facing Wrongful Foreclosure Litigation in Seattle.

17 January 2018 -- Going forward Attorney Anderson will not be copied on this matter as he has made his position clear in a 16 January 2018 letter I have shared with the Department of Commerce: There was an Agreement for Mr. Levitz to sell a parcel of his land. Attorney Anderson and Mr. Levitz and I have amicably resolved our differences relative to any disputes that were referenced in any of my written or video production. We all recognize the none of us are the enemy. We definitely know who the enemies are, however.

9 January 2018 Update -- Egads this thread is overgrown. Visit the new page with quick analysis of all the MERS Fraud on the Assignments of Interest and Notice of Trustee Sale.


8 January 2018 Update II Never use Ark Law Group, PLLC if you really need something done. Check my email to them just now (as well as the email about Bad Faith Mediation in the comments). They dumped Michael Levitz because they didn't want to ruffle any feathers with QLSC. I told them in my email:

One last thing: My Deportment and your failure to obtain the Mediation Certification and NPV information 1 minute ago at 3:56 PM.....

So I had to step out to shoot an assignment on Seattle's burgeoning dumpster fire problem but on returning home I just had to sit here and get my head around this: 

You are ostensibly concerned about my conduct and deportment toward QLSC when 

1. I have done absolutely nothing wrong, unethical or threatening towards them. 

2. QLSC governing Attorney Joe McIntosh/McCarthy Hotlhus was almost sued as part of the gang whom I successfully sued for DEFAMATION last year for reneging on an arranged Deposition and threatening to call security on me. That whole stunt reeked of hegemonic racism and they paid for it too in King v. WFZ et al 2016-CV-397 as noted below, but apparently that's ok with you. 

3. The purported Trust cited by Rocky in his email to me, as forwarded to you.... is not even registered with the SEC. 

4. Did you know that I used to represent homeowners in Mediation pursuant to Statute here in Washington? I have spoken with the Department of Commerce and have obtained the Mediation Certification that you failed to obtain for Mr. Levitz. I'll make certain that qualified Counsel reviews this document to determine, inter alia, exactly why there was no NPV analysis conducted and no explanation relative thereto. 

Because somebody's gotta do their job around here and it clearly wasn't you. 
Wow. Just checking my facts. 

KingCast: Have heart. Have Courage. 

8 January 2018 Update I-Quality Loan Servicing and/or McCarthy Holthus are in deep shit... or are they?  Now as of 12p PST Ark Law says it was communication from Rocky indicating that I would shoot them as the basis for them dumping Mr. Levitz as a client. But that is ridiculous. Of course I'll shoot them at Court, that's what I do. Rocky and I have never had a bad word between us. They are pulling that stunt because they have a cozy relationship with QLSC and don't want to ruffle feathers. I consider it a breach of Fiduciary Duty. For years not Mr. Levitz and to a lesser extent me -- have tried to cordially get to the bottom of this to NO AVAIL.

Fact: Two years ago I was supposed to continue my video deposition coverage of Lucero v. Cenlar, in which QLSC et al got hit for $214K in Federal Court for abusing a homeowner. See other deposition video at my Affordable Video Depo Page, click on the videos tab to see QLSC President Jeff Stenman being deposed in front of my cameras at a Deposition being conducted by Ha Dao.

Fact: The defending counsel in that case at a subsequent Deposition reneged on the agreement we had between them and Lucero's attorney Ha Dao. The agreement was that I was to shoot video pursuant to a standard protective order. I still have a copy of said Order. I follow the law dammit. I made several videos with Attorney Dao over the years.

Fact: They instead told me to leave, and as I was leaving and one could clearly hear me packing up and closing my tripod, two of the defending attorneys (I believe there were a total of three present) started to bully me and I implored them, particularly one of them, to "watch your tone, counselor, I'm packing up." (I ended up suing that one, more on this shortly).

Fact:  McCarthy Holthus attorney Joe McIntosh (seen here with QLSC Counsel Rocky MacDonald -- we pretty much hate each other) then threatened to call security on me after he was wrong about whether or not I was a licensee or invitee to the Premises. I told him "Do it.... and I'll video THAT. You don't scare me, Counselor."

Fact:  Subsequent to that, one of the other defending attorneys from the law firm of Wright, Finlay & Zak stood up in Federal Court and claimed that I had issued a DEATH THREAT after I told them I was going to shoot them with video cameras outside of the Federal Courthouse.

Fact: I sued the offending Parties (King v. WFZ et al, 2016-CV-397) and the firm for, inter alia, Outrage and Defamation. People love to try to make an intelligent black man into a dangerous thug. They tried to remove the case to Federal Court, where videos are not allowed in Court.

Fact: All of them knew from direct experience that I shoot courtroom video in State Court, where videos are allowed.

Fact: I won my Remand (see link, supra) and the case settled. I am not authorized to discuss anything beyond that. On information and belief, all of the defending attorneys are fully aware of that fact, duh.

Fact: I obtained Ark Law Group to help Mr. Levitz get his alleged arrears in order so that he can dispose of the properly fairly and in an equitable manner.

Fact: Dasha Song is working the case. Attorney Song received a communication from QLSC and/or McCarthy Holthus telling her she is not to have any further communications with me, and stating that I had threatened to shoot people. I would not be surprised if such communication emanated from Attorney McIntosh.

Fact: Mr. Levitz is entitled to that communication. It is part of his file. When he receives it -- and he had damn well better receive it this morning -- I will review it and I will then take any and all action that I deem appropriate.

PS:  To my knowledge at this point I am not after Rocky MacDonald. I can pull dozens of emails between Rocky and me showing that he and I have never had a problem with each other. But as to Jeff Stenman, Joe McIntosh or anyone else circulating communication that in any ways implies that I am a violent or dangerous person, you are about to face the music and be fully held accountable for this hegemonic and racist tripe.

In 1965 -- my birth year -- The United States Government commenced a war in the worst circumstance heretofore known to man. And to this day these Veterans continue to pay the price in so many ways. Stories in war and in return so heinous you can't believe it. You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.

Say hello to Lieutenant Michael D. Levitz. He served his Country in valor. His father Saylor gave his life to the service of this Country and is buried at Arlington. And now a bunch of crooked banksters without any chain of title are trying to steal his home while he raises his young son. The Trusts they claim as Beneficiary don't even exist.  Anyway, a brilliant young man he is, by the way. 

Our doggies both have Australian genes and play together very well. At any rate, I am not about to allow this to happen. If these fools dare to commence a foreclosure sale tomorrow on 5 January 2018 I am going to make sure they regret it for the rest of their natural lives, and beyond. 

The Attorney General has been put on Actual Notice of this Fraud as well. That Office has a dedicated link in respect to these men and women of the Vietnam War.

".....and he kind of half-turned.... and fell."  Michael Levitz was indeed, 19.

30 Dec. 2017- The Final Straw:
Michael Levitz had tried to pay off his mortgage many years ago but no one could find the lender….. On another case it was determined that the Libor Series 5B didn’t even exist. Mr. Levitz’s alleged Libor and CCB Series 1 probably didn’t, either. The alleged Assignee Chevy Chase Funding, LLC Mortgage-Backed Certificates, Series 2005-1 was never registered with the SEC. I have a letter from the SEC stating as much. 
He also filed for rescission and that was ignored too! 

QLS is watching over this. Their lawyer and I have always had mutual respect for each other but I am telling him right now if this proceeds he and his advisees will regret it. I will have an army of cameras and concerned citizens at the next scheduled foreclosure. 

I ran a title company BTW. I think they are full of shit here.


Re: Pending Litigation with Michael Levitz Failure on Negotiation of SLS Account No. 1009602497; Dual Tracking, Force-Placed Insurance, Chain of Title Questions 

Property Address: 3718 East Alder Street, Seattle WA 98122 Loan Number(s): 1009602497

Dear Rocky,

We have always had a mutual respect for one another over the years. Witness my November 2015 journal entry referencing you as "a lawyer with a conscience" and I hope that continues as I publicly declare that your client and others associated with your client (read: Any and all purported Beneficiaries) have been, and continue to be, a complete Scrooge and a Grinch to Michael Levitz. I’ve sent you and your client, Quality Loan Service Corp, official notice of violations against Mr. Levitz going back many years to when he was trying to complete a sale and pay off this purported loan…. And nobody could find the purported owner of the Note.

He has been ready to pay off this loan since before 2009 when Chevy Chase closed down its offices and no servicer showed up until months after. And as his requests go unanswered, new parties show up claiming arrears that his rescission should have legally stopped cold instead of continuing to put the screws to him with negative amortization. Jesinoski v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., 135 S. Ct. 790 (2015), Johnson v. Nationstar 2016 WL 6075574 (2016).

No one could find his loan for a good reason: Read the Addendum below and look at this merger letter from the Comptroller of Currency:

Now then, in my opinion as a former manager of a title company, I believe there has been, and continues to be, unlawful dual-tracking and forced-place insurance and general Bad Faith. I see the Beneficiary according to the NoTS in 2010 was of course CCB Libor Series 2005-1 Trust c/o Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems as nominee for Capital One, N.A. How exactly did the Note then get to: Chevy chase funding LLC, Mortgage-Backed Certificates, Series 2005-1 in the 2017 NoTS as Beneficiary? Can you provide me a chain of title for that? Because as to the current alleged Beneficiary, that series isn't even registered with the SEC as noted by SEC Information specialist Larry Mills in his 6 July 2017 attestation. See attached. That’s questionable.
  So in spite of the fact that Mr. Levitz claims that he filed a timely Rescission and in spite of the fact that you can’t show a clear Chain of Title, Mr. Levitz was ignored, and now Specialized Loan Servicing is coming after him for the full amount of everything time immemorial.

KingCast Says Merry Christmas Folks!

At the bottom, there is a Dodge Dart.
It's red (sort of), so Christmassy. It's also from my birth year, '65.
The best Dart was like, only made one year, 1962.

Skating Inspiration :)
The house next door, round two.

New threads for Michele... Just in time, right.