25 February 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Ask: "Is Judge Stanley Rumbaugh Violating U.S. Veterans, the ADA and Civil Rights to Protect Zurich Insurance in a Fatal Broken Neck Pierce County Transit Case?"

First of all, see my pending lawsuit against Judge Stanley Rumbaugh 

From the on Record hearing of 24 February 2017:

Court:  If you are representing another entity like an LLC or an estate you cannot represent yourself. 

Family: I had a full power of attorney 

Court A POA only allows you to speak on her behalf. The case law in the state is quite clear. [note: I've litigated this issue myself as seen in the thumbnails. If it is different in Washington State then the Family has a right to certify a conflict between the States and go Federal on this]. She cannot speak on her behalf. I understand and I don't dispute that you have a power of attorney. Non-individual entities must be represented by counsel.

Family: I gave you several examples.. precedents....

Court: You cannot file on behalf of an estate unless you are an attorney. [note: This may be a false distinction, a legal red herring -- Susan was representing the daughter of the Decedent, standing in her shoes.]

Family: "I have given you several past precedents where superior court where I showed you can file a claim and sign it when you have full representation. She falls under ADA as I told you..... " [note: The Decedent's daughter is, inter alia, PTSD after seeing her mother in the hospital parking lot where the idiot Pierce County Transit driver left her. As to the ADA, Dr. Karin Huffer has a few things to say].

Court:  The Statute of Limitations has run. You may seek review. [note: they will]

I interjected 2 minutes into the Court's On-Record Discussion with the Family..... and the following colloquy ensued.

KingCast/Mortgage Movies: Your Honor with all due respect I have a pending Notice of Media Coverage (similar to the one I filed with Wally Brown last fall).

Court:  I'm not hearing that. I find your Notice to be contrived.

KingCast/Mortgage Movies: How is this contrived. It's the same document I've used in hundreds of court cases to run video.

Court: Your Notice is denied.

KingCast/Mortgage Movies: I'll add this to our lawsuit as a First Amended Complaint.

13 February 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say: "Facebook and the Feds are Trolling Civil Rights Activists."

Ever get that incredible feeling that NSA/Ex/FBI etc. is trying to access your account? Especially when you're ugly AF and receive requests from bombshells? Funny I can never get them to respond to complaints that I file.... well now I know why they're too busy trying to figure me out to pay attention to what I have to say.

When you have a Civil Rights background and expose corruption on Facebook as a guy you are suddenly bombarded by friend requests from hot women of all flavors. I find this fascinating, as do the owners of this FB page, "suspicious hot chick friend requests."

Bravo folks, this is clearly shady activity. Not that I'm not a hot guy and stuff, but.....

03 February 2017

KingCast Says "Happy Birthday Chandler Carter!"

Happy Birthday Chandler Carter a/k/a "Neecy!" I love you honey. Keep singing your heart out. Maybe one day you can sing a song about Livi, that would be swell. And tell your mom to buy my SAAB for you I'll drive it cross country and it has a BANGIN' stereo -- hahahaaa... call me the shit starter :)